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The World We Live In

Today we started the conference part of our event. Eighty or so workers from W. Europe gathered at the motel where we are staying. I read about these men and women and pray for them yet I am never prepared for meeting them. These are amazing people, simply for the fact that they intentionally leave all they know that others may know Christ is pretty compelling to me. I feel a bit like I am in the presence of the apostles as a talk to these men and women who are working in cities of millions, without the support presence of a church and little to no results for years on end. I spoke to missionaries today who have been on the field for 20+ years. We have been spending a lot of time outside of the motel, to the right Ed Stetzer, an agency representitive and I talk strategy for planting churches in W. Europe in a workers apartment with the Barcelona team. My flat-mate Bill Jessup has been a joy to live with. We are both unable to sleep at night which provides for lots of stimulating conversations. In the final picture PBJ and I are telling the Iceland Project story to the group at the conference. It was amazing to find out that our story was not new to them. Many of them told me that they had heard of our work and were praying for us. One worker told me that they showed him one of our videos when he went through MLC (worker training). It is a bit nerve racking to talk about our project among those who have devoted their lives to this region. The only disturbing part of the whole week so far has been the consensus among these men and women that the spiritual condition of W. Europe is expected to be the condition of the US in 20 years. Perhaps we will all be on the field soon.

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