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Lessons from Barcelona

I am back in Baltimore now awaiting my family to arrive. Every now and then in my life God will allow me to step back from what I am doing long enough for Him to teach me a lesson or two. This week has been that way for me. Below are a few of the things I learned this week:

  • Last night I spent a few hours with Jeff Harris. Jeff grew up as the son of an SBC mega church pastor. He planted a church in his home town of San Antonio, TX in 1992 and has proven to be a great leader there. We talked church planting and Jeff gave me some great advice about how to take our church from good to great. It was great getting to know Jeff and I look forward to getting home and implementing some of the ideas he gave me.
  • Western Europe is in desperate need for workers. Don’t get me wrong, the ones they have are doing a great job but the task is overwhelming. Unlike many other parts of the world these workers are not dealing with individuals who have never heard the name of Christ. Instead they are dealing with a culture that is unanimously post-Christian. The men and women we were with this week are unlike any missionaries I have ever met. Many of they are young and they are all passionate and creative in there approaches. As a result, they are reaching people in unorthodox ways. These workers desperately want to be a part of a movement therefore they are going to great lengthens to help insure that they are not a necessary part of the equation in the future. I respect their desire to begin a ministry that will last with or without them.
  • I was surprised how similar the culture in Barcelona was to that of major cities in the US.
  • I was surprised how expressive they were with their desire to have young churches and pastors from the US come to join them in there work.

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