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Pushed into the Rain

UmbrellaLast week when I was in Spain the guys I was with talked a lot about the umbrella. Under the umbrella is all the folks who are pastoring, planting and leading inside of what we would call “orthodoxy”. Many of those under the umbrella are using practices, programs and methods that I’m simply not comfortable with. My temptation is to take guys like this and push them out into the rain. I’m starting to think that learning the difference between heresy and preference is a pretty important. Let me give you an example: One of the first churches I worked for was a seeker driven church and most of the people I spent time with during those days were were also promoting the seeker church. Today, I would be tempted to push those guys out into the rain because I don’t think there practices are very biblical. It makes me wonder how many times God has taught me something very important through someone I don’t completely agree with. The truth is I don’t even know if I will agree with myself tomorrow. The umbrella of the Gospel is a big one and although it doesn’t include all of creation I am beginning to believe that it includes both those who are not in my denomination and those who I would disagree with on many finer points.

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