Church Planter Road Trip

img_0096.jpgMan- What an awesome time I had with Naethan Hendrix, Jamie Limato, Jonathan Davis, Keilan Creech, Duane Eatmon & Colby Garman this week. We rented a 30ft RV (Compliments of SBCV) and headed down to Lyons, GA on Saturday morning. We went to FBC lyons a large baptist in a tiny town in GA. This church has supported our work (Pillar, Quantico, Iceland Project) for the past three years so we designed this trip to go down and say thank you to this amazing congregation. Being at Lyons FBC restored my faith in establish churches and their ability to make a significant difference in a community. We taught in all three of the worship services on Sunday and were in six of their largest Sunday school classes sharing about what the Lord is doing in Northern Virginia church planting.


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    Becky Porter says

    Clint…..I am horrified….Jeff (minister of music) is going to “get me”. I cannot believe I had my hands clasped in front of me in that picture. If I had not seen the picture I would not have believed it. I’ll have to bake him an extra batch of cookies so he’ll let me continue to sing in the choir. It was awesome having you guys at Lyons First Baptist. Each time I meet people like you guys and the missionaries we met in South Africa I understand the body of Christ more and more and how it functions and reaches precious souls in need of Him…
    and the sacrifices that are made. What an encouragment you and the other guys are for me…”don’t worry about the harvest, just go into the fields and work”. YES, YES, YES……

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