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I have become what I despise

I have admired the blogsphere for some time from a distance. I will admit that it is easy to make fun of blogging pastors and have joined in the fun a few times myself. But when it comes down to it blogs create this unique opportunity to share Ideas, stories and encouragement. I have gained a lot from pastors I have never met through this world. When I began reading blogs I realized that about 80% of blogging pastors post about as often as the change the oil in their car. When they do it is a long, theological and philosophical rant meant to impress the reader (seldom accomplishing that goal). The other 20% post daily and usually only a few sentences. These guys usually freely exchange interesting ideas. Since the later are the blogs I read regularly and benefit from more I wanted to be that kind of blog. Now less than a month in to the blogsphere looks like the Jiffy Lube blog. Unfortunately this is not the only area of my life that I have become what I despise.

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