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I’m in the Sunshine State for a few days visiting my Mom and Dad. Last week both of them were hospitilized for unrelated illnesses. I arrived on Monday and have been speniding most of my time with my Mom at the hospital. For those of you who don’t know my story this is not an unfamiliar envrionment for me. When I was growing up my mom spent a lot of time in the hospital for various illnesses. I pride my self on being able to use a rubber glove for more than 100 differnt tricks. Tonight I continued the tradition as Mom and I watched “Evan Almighty” on my laptop in room 223b. We had a good time and it was great to reconnect with my Mom. The movie was another story. When I was growing up the images of God that were in my head were from movies like, “The Jesus Film” and “The Ten Commandments”. Jesus was a fair skined guy with wavy hair and an extremely bright white robe. These indeliable images formed some of my initial opinions about God and are difficult to overide with Biblical discriptions. The move made me wonder how Morgan Freeman will shape the view of God for the next generation. On a side note, I think it is humerous that hollywood basicially follow the biblical storyline until it got to the part about killing people. I guess God’s wrath wasn’t the ending they were going for.


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    Dagny says

    I saw that movie a few weeks ago and I really enjoyed it.
    I laughed harder than anyone I think… My friends thought it was semi-funny but I thought it was hilarious hehe…
    Anyway I hope your mum gets better soon!

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