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Over the Edge

photo.jpgToday I am working with my denomination to train new church planters in Virginia. I remember going through these sessions a few years ago. When I went through them that time I had all of my own ideas all lined out in my head before I arrived. The leadership would recommend adopting seven core values so I choose three. They would recommend dressing nicer than the people you are preaching to so I preached in jeans. There is something about three years of ministry and mistakes that make you much more willing to accept and process advice from others. This time I am finding myself much more accepting of the advice, rules and thoughts that are presented.

I am impressed with the group of planters:

  • One guy is a chiropractor who strayed from the Lord during his college years. God has led him back to his University to plant a church. He wept telling how he was praying that God would use him to plant a church that would reach people like himself.
  • Another guy is a drivers education teacher at a local high school. God has called him to start a church to put a dent in the depravity he has seen in his school.
  • A def husband and his hearing wife are starting a def church with their 10 children!

It’s amazing… you don’t have to recruit these guys or even offer them any money. They are operating completely on the dream. It is tempting to believe that there are two types of people… dreamers, who see things as they wish they could be and realists who can never see things as they cold be. Being in a setting like this blows that idea out of the water. Many of these guys have lived systematic, well planned lives before God pushed them over the edge.

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