We the the People

pillar-constitutin.jpgOn the three year anniversary of Pillar church (3/30/08) we will be signing our church constitution. Before we adopt the constitution we are releasing it for everyone to read over. Please feel free to give comments, good or bad, in the comments section. Pillar Church has adopted a “Biblical Eldership” form of government. Click on the constitution image to the right to download.


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    Frank Henderson says

    I see that you say you believe in biblical eldership. Why are you making yourself the chairperson of the eldership? no such terminology in scripture.

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    clintclifton says

    That’s actually a very fair question. The three offices for elders are in the constitution for incorporation purposes. Our lawyer told us that they must assign those positions in our constitution. As for why I “assigned myself” as chairperson, this is a decision the elders made collectivelly. I did not assign myself.

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