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NAMB Publishes Noah

dsc_5819.jpgOne of the best things about being an SBC missionary is the fact that every year around your birthday people from all over the world contact you to remind you that they are praying for you. Last week I turned 29 and the morning of my birthday my inbox was full of notes from SBCers all over the place telling me that they are praying for us today. Some ask for specific requests others just promise to pray for us that day. Periodically someone will actually send their prayer in an email. It doesn’t stop with email, you receive phone calls, and cards in the mail too. Jennifer and I both have grown to look forward to this as part of our birthday. This week I got an email from the NAMB asking if they could feature Noah in an upcoming prayer calendar. The calendar features a missionary kid on the month of their birthday and ask children to pray for that MK and his or her family during that month . They publish a photo of the MK and a short interview with the youngster. So look for Noah to appear in your November issue of Children in Action (Children in Action Leader) and Girls in Action (GA World).

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