Remembering Maewyn

slide1.jpgDid something a little risky this Palm Sunday by doing a brief biography of church planter extraordinar Maewyn Succat (AKA St. Patrick). Big Green was a pretty exceptional guy. Here are a few highlights from His life.

  • Kidnapped at the age of 16 and taken to Ireland as a slave.
  • Enslaved for 6 years Maewyn learns, Irish, and develops a an outstanding prayer life.
  • At 22 he has a dream where God tells him to escape and walk to the coast where he will find a boat that will take him back home… He goes and sure enough.. a few days later he is home.
  • Goes to school in France, becomes a priest, then a bishop and has a second dream.
  • In dream #2 an Irishman asks Maewyn to come back to Ireland (the place where he escaped captivity just a few years earlier). And of course… he does. Within 15 years Pagan Ireland officially becomes a Christian nation.

            It seems strange that a holiday that celebrate a guy who loved Jesus so much has become so irreligious. Anyway, I will never view March 17th quite the same again.


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              Cindy says

              Thanks for adding to the few facts I learned about St. Patrick from VeggieTales. Now I know how to spell Maewyn Succat to boot.

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