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Gas Prices at an All Time Low!

Virtually my entire ministry career I have lived far away from the church where I serve. Jennifer and I have spent countless hours to and from church plants. Just to give you an idea of the dept of our insanity, here is a rundown of where I have lived compared to where I have worked over the past 11 years.

  1. 1st church job – The church at the Island in Orange Park FL – I lived in Palatka FL – 40 miles one way.
  2. 2nd church job – Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, Pansey AL. – I lived in Graceville FL (a different state) – 25 miles one way.
  3. 3rd church job- Point of Grace Church, Jacksonville FL – I lived in Graceville FL – 4 HOURS one way. (I did this for one entire year only going on the weekends)
  4. 4th church job – Stafford Baptis Church, Stafford VA – This was the best only about a mile.
  5. A short stent in Iceland where we virtyally walked everywhere.
  6. 5th church job – Pillar Church, Dumfries VA – I lived in Locust Grove VA – 1 hr each way.

As you can see our ministry has been pretty expensive at the gas pump until now. We scored a sweet deal on a forclosed town home. It needs a little sprusing up but has great potential. I am very thankful for God’s provision and can’t wait to get settled in to our new pad and redeem 12 hours of my week.

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