A Serious Thrill….

So when I was in college Jennifer (then only my girlfriend) and I were up early one sunday morning getting ready to drive to church. We were just turning on to Rt. 77 when we saw THIS in the Hardees parking lot. It was one of the best memories that Jennifer and I have together. Not only did we see the Weinermobile but we stopped stopped and were given the grand tour of the inside. The driver even let me sit behind the wheel. As if that wasn’t awesome enough, the driver gave us one of THESE when we left.

So today was almost that thrilling. I was on my way home from NAMB a training in Richmond when I saw the De Lorean from Back to the Future (1985). I waved at the driver and was able to snap a few quick pics before it zoomed past me. Talk about a sweet ride…


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    Jamie Limato says

    Great Scotts’! Can we go back in time and beat up Biff!!! That would be awesome. So sweet that you saw the real deal!

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