Presuming Upon God

This morning I preached a pretty disturbing message. It is based on this passage. King David, with great motives wants to show God how much he loves Him and gets this rad idea. Since God’s been living like a gypsy from town to town David comes up with a plan to build God a cedar house. Sounds like a good idea and I find myself agreeing with the plan. David even mentions the idea to his trusted friend Nathan and gets a big thumbs up. Then later that night when Nathan’s getting his jammies on God starts blasting the plan reminding Nathan that He never asked for a house and he is perfectly content in his tent. – I don’t know that I have had an experience where I felt more like the Bible was pointing it’s finger in my face.

  • How many things do I do for God that He never asked me to do?
  • Does God ever wish that I would stop doing things for Him?
  • Do I miss out on really obeying God because I am obeying my desire to please God?


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    Carol says

    Really good article and more importantly a good question to be asking ourselves. I think we do do that alot and not realize it. Thanks for the article very thought worthy.

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