Pop's Ordination

Last Sunday was an interesting day for me. After my big sister took her nuptials on Friday our family headed over to Palatka for a few days. Palatka is the town both Jennifer and I grew up in. It is your typical small town but with a special place in our hearts. It has a big bridge, a crazy pentecostal, a town celebrity and pretty good bait shop. There is not a Starbucks for 20 miles.

My father in law (who became a youth pastor a few years back) went through his ordination counsel and ordination on Sunday. The church asked me to preach the service which was quite an honor for me. I really interesting situation to sit on a counsel to publicly question the calling, competence and gifting of your father-in-law. The service was great, a packed house and the Lord really confirmed his call to my pops! Way to go TLG.


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    Jonathan D. says

    Dude, I love the crazy pentecostal. I can’t remember you ever speaking of her. I especially love this line from one of the posters about Palatka.

    I thought the show was re-runs from the 80’s or something…but, they aren’t. These people are stuck in a time warp-Palatka residents amaze me all the time. Good or bad-they have had very little influence from outside of this small town.

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