Pillar Summer Movie Series

Planting a church in NOVA is hard. Where I grew up you could open a church and a certain number of curious people came to the church. This is not true in NOVA. For three years we have prayed and worked and worked and prayed to see people come to our church plant with the belief that God would allow us to introduce some of them to Jesus. Last year we tried a few nutty projects to meet folks in our community… we rented a kiosk at Potomac Mills, and we showed a Disney film on a BIG screen outside under the stars. We were amazed that nearly 300 people showed up to the movie and a handful of them visited the church. This year we are stepping the movie idea up a bit and offering a series of Disney films. Check out our promo cards!


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    Dagny says

    I would show up for all 4 movies… cause I love all of them!

    These are REALLY great ideas! 🙂

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    Amanda Long says

    clint-the movie posters look great! Way to go.

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    Kate says

    What happened to Mary Poppins???? Mary Poppins… she rocks…. Willy Wonka original…scares me.

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    clintclifton says

    Ya, my wife had the same comments. The church leaders all thought that Willy was a better choice to draw a crowd.

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