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New Churches About to Bloom

Our church has been very involved with church planting over our short three year history… This fall some seeds that we planted over the course of the last few years will emerge from the soil. I am really excited.

Last year Jamie Limato, was a children’s pastor at an established church. We had a lunch meeting where he let me have a little glimpse into his heart (it looked like this). Now Jamie and his family are packing boxes heading down to VA beach to plant Aletheia Norfolk.

Then my good buddy Colby, who is very possibly the best student pastor in the country, has been called to plant an international church in Reykjavik. We have had a chance to help pave the way for this plant through our participation with the Iceland Project.

As if that weren’t enough Jonathan, one of our elders, is is planting a church in his community about 25 miles away. Now Jonathan is a coke man, A redneck and sports nut. Even with all of these things stacked against him… God is using him to raise up Lakeside Community Church.

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