Church Pirates


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    Mike says

    Great video. I agree with Ed Young (can’t believe I am saying this).. Church planting needs to be done the right way; however this guy still comes off as such a pompous windbag when he speaks. I just don’t understand the guy. Maybe it’s just me. My church plant went through a situation that caused some people to be really bitter from our old church. I guess it hits close to home for me. Pastor Ed just seemed to be a little bitter here. Maybe I need to see the whole sermon to get the context right. I hear many great things about your Church Planting. Keep up the Mission because we need IMHO more smaller effective churches that might “steal people” from bigger churches that just aren’t getting it done in their communities.

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    clintclifton says

    Thanks for your comments. I am really not very familiar with Ed Young. I have heard a lot of things about him but that video was my first introduction. I appreciate his comments church planters are very rarely called out for there pagan ethics when it comes to things like this. Each situation is different and and sometimes breaks need to be made. With that said though you see very little honest attempt at correcting practice and doctrine in churches. It is much more common for a guy to jump ship and do what Ed has described. Nice to meet you mike!

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    Mike says

    I guess my biggest problem with the video is that Pastor Ed throws a blanket assumption on a lot of church plants in the way he comes across in the video. I am sure he doesn’t mean every plant and he does explain that a little toward the end. However I also know that sometimes people are very unethical in how they plant churches and take solid people. He also sort of talks down to the term laymen as if they don’t have a clue. I think he should explain underneath the post in this video. Truth always prevails and most people that are solid Christians may follow a forked tongue Church Planter; however God usually makes those situations right. BTW we met @ WIBO.. I attend IMAGE.. I read your blog and like your threads.. Later

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    clintclifton says

    Oh that mike! Ya good to hear from you. I was wondering about that… I have to agree with you about the “layman” that was probably the most disturbing point to me. I got the idea that he didn’t think that laymen had the ability to tell when someone is snowing them over. I’m not the pastor of a huge church like Ed but generally speaking when someone in the church were to begin slandering me the “laypeople” would be the ones who would have my back. I guess that is hard to do when you don’t know those whom you are to shepherd.

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