Bali to Borneo

Jennifer and I are headed to Indonesia in a few weeks we are really jazzed about the trip. My wife gets to go on this trip and some of the people who have been a very BIG part of our ministry are going too.

Andy and Rebecca (who have planted Pillar Church with us), Naethan (my church planting partner), Ruth (who helped plant the church at Quantico) and 9 other great friends.

We were planning to go to Java when the missionary we were going to assist experienced a tragedy thus changing our plans. We started seeking other opportunities around the same dates and BAM! two opportunities drop in our lap. So… in early August 12 crackers from NOVA will hit the bush. We are splitting our team into two teams when we arrive in Indonesia. One team will head to Bali to work village to village. Here is a little description from the missionary of our work there:

Your team will come and live in a village. We have a place with basic facilities, western and local bathroom, and foam mats on the floor in the building, or tents for the people to stay in. Your team will do various community service projects and you would have some translators with you so that you would be able to share with the people in the village

The second half of the team will be headed to Kilimantan, the Indonesian portion of the island of Borneo. The missionary there was a bit more colorful about the conditions:

Terrain will not be the problem as it is all marsh-land the heat and humidity and rain in the rainy season will. There will be plenty of bugs and maybe a few snakes and monkeys and crocks (no, not the shoe kind). If you have any kind of health problem, you should be able to take care of it yourself and not count on anyone else. This is for the fit and ready to rough it and no one else. It will be hard to come get you or even find you if you get in medical trouble, though we‚ll certainly try. Great hospitals are only two-three days travel away! I guess we should prepare a First-Aid kit with a few helpful meds in it for you I’ll think about that and get back to you. You will be traveling in the marsh-lands and rivers of south Kalimantan. Travel on Kalimantan will mostly be by boat. It is a hot land, just south of the equator.

The Banjar people are Muslim and as such will expect you to be fairly modest in your dress and behavior. There will be time to out on shorts and go swimming, but normally expect to wear long pants and a T-shirt. Sleeveless shirts and tank-tops are out of the question. The people bathe several times a day to keep clean and cool. I recommend you do the same. You‚ll have to watch how and where they bathe and try to fit in, though it is likely you‚ll attract an audience. Housing? You’re kidding right? Available housing well in the city before you head out, a cheap, but clean hotel. After that I don’t know. Perhaps you’ll find a nice wooden shack with a family who’ll let you crash there. You let us know how you did and we’ll include it in the info for others presuming they take the same path and/or river you do. As long as you have your sleeping pad and a very lightweight sleeping bag (I’ll sell you one for $20) then you should be set.

The trip is expensive and it will take a move of God for us to come up with the nearly $2500 per person it will take to go. If you can pray for our team or support us financially please send your assistance to:

Clint & Jennifer Clifton c/o SBC 2202 Jefferson Davis Hwy Stafford VA 22554

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