One of Life's Little Tragedies

Dirty Clint Fact # 118 – I’m a sucker for novelties. I currently own a Chia Pet, I desperately want a Clapper, and I have had my fair share of phony poo-poo.

Monday the kids took me on a little fathers day camping trip. We stayed in a tiny cabin and had a blast. In the store at the campground for $1.49 I picked up a product that I am sad to say is slowly going the way of the Buffalo.

What other product do you know of that can serve a practical purpose like keeping your 12 oz soda cool while also entertaining you and your guests?


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    Michael Rogers says

    Clint! I found you by way of Micah Fries, and am very happy that I did. You probably know, but I’m now pastoring a non-denominational church here in Port St. Joe. It’s been an interesting year to say the least, but we’re very happy. Looks like you’ve got a ton going on, very exciting.

    So you want a Clapper? I’ve got a “Smart Clapper”, let’s you plug 2 things into it and control it with different claps. Used to have my lava lamps plugged into it, went over very well when I was doing student ministry! It’s sitting in the garage right now, I’ll give some thought to whether or not I can live without it and if I can, well I’ll send it to you.

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    clintclifton says

    Mike! great to hear from you. Jennifer actually showed me tentantoes last night. Your family is beautiful and it looks like life is good in the panhandle.

    A smart clapper? wow, as if the normal clapper wasn’t smart enough. If the Lord lays it on your heart to drop it in the mail to me I would be extremely grateful.

    For everyone else… Mike and i have serious history. We were in the same youth group then went to college at BCF at the same time. College graduation caused us to part ways and we haven’t seen each other in a few years. Isn’t blogging great!

    Incase the Lord moves:
    Pillar Church
    2202 Jefferson Davis Hwy
    Stafford VA 22554

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    michael says

    Incase the Lord moves, hahahaha!

    So if Jennifer showed you my blog last night, then she should be somewhat appeased with the pictures I posted! She got on to me at my sister’s grad about not posting more pictures.

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