God-song Conference 2008

This weekend attended the 5th God-song Conference. I started God-song 6 years ago because I was looking for some friends to write music with. At the time, songwriting, leading worship and musicianship were extremely important topics in my life. I ran God-song with a lot of heart and was able to recruit some really amazing songwriters to participate in our events and contests. Things went really well for about two years. By year three God was calling us to start a church and more and more our lives were being restructured around church planting and international missions.

For the next two years I continued to run God-song even though I knew I should hit the delete key on it. Just a month or two after I resolved to finally let go the conference was picked up like an orphan on a door step and given a new set of duds.

This weekends conference was the first event under new leadership and I was so proud of the job that had been done. So a big thanks to Brian Green and his team at Christ Church for taking good care of my malnourished baby.


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    mikescott92 says

    Clint can you give me a call? Hit me back and I will give you my cell… Thanks

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    dave U says


    I have been away from writing for awhile and went looking for God Song. Good news to hear that you have followed your calling and also that your “baby” has kept going!
    I am looking for someone to write with. I have many songs that I have written but am looking for someone to look at these from a slightly different perspective. I am also looking for a producer that can take my beginning and help form something beautiful!
    Any ideas????

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