Not Recomended

When Jennifer and I were in Florida a few weeks ago we got the chance to visit a church that we helped to plant during our first year of marriage. At the time the Church was called “Point of Grace Church.” I was assisting Brett Maragni, the church planter, and was leading worship.

As a side note, it is not recommended to name your church after a well know musical group. I have been a part of two of these… here is how the conversation usually goes.

Guy: “What’s the name of your church?”

Clint: Pillar

Guy: Awesome, like the band!

Clint: Ya- sort of

Guy: Has Pillar ever played at Pillar?

Clint: um… no

Guy: bummer!

Point of Grace recently made a huge shift in there ministry by becoming a part of Harvest Bible Chapel out of the Chicago area, thus changing the name to Harvest Bible Chapel of Jacksonville. It was really good to drop in on them after several years and see that God has brought the church significant growth.


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    Brett says

    Did you look closely at that picture and see that outline? 6 points? What was he thinking? And all starting with a “D”! Talk about overdoing the alliteration thing. Why do these guys think that everything has to start with the same letter? It’s not because it makes it more memorable. People forget what you’ve say by the next week. Wait a minute…that looks like me…oh, it is me! 🙂

    You are so right, Clint. Naming a church after a group has it’s disadvantages. Don’t think anyone will be naming their group “Harvest Bible Chapel” anytime soon.

    Hey, buddy, you scared me there for a minute. I see a pic of our church under the title “Not Recommended”! Glad to see the title of the post is really a reference to “a side note.”

    It was great to see you guys this summer. Wish we could have spent more time hanging out. Tell Jennifer and the kids hey! Looks like I am restarting my blog with a new look, which, interestingly enough, looks pretty familiar to this one.

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