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Factors Effecting My Sunday

So yesterday was Sunday. Sunday is an important day in the life of a pastor/planter. There were several factors that made this Sunday a very different day.

Factor #1- The Oxycodone Factor. Eight days earlier I woke up with a sore throat and ignored it… I finally went to the doctor last Sunday and was sick for the entire week. Yesterday morning when I woke up I stared at my bottle of Oxycodone trying to decide if the pills in this bottle would help me preach better or worse… I made the wrong decision and downed one with my other antibiotics.

Factor #2- The Headlight Factor- This week I taught 1 John 1:5-10. The passages is comparing light and darkness to God and sin. Our creative team decided that darkening the room and using stage lights would be a good way to illustrate the text. Here is what it looked like. (note to self) Strong Drugs + Strong Lights = Bad Preaching.

Factor #3- The Lee Roy Factor – On Sunday nights Jennifer and I are assisting with a church plant that meets about an hour away from our house. We headed down to the church plant to help with setup to find out that Lee Roy, the man who opens the door forgot to come and unlock the building. So… we had preview service on the front porch of an elementary school.

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