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I don’t even know why we started doing this but from week one at Pillar Church we have had a Q & A at the end of the service. Usually when I conclude the teaching I open the floor for any questions or comments. About 20% of the time you can hear crickets chirping but the majority of the time some really good questions come out. Over the course of more than three years of doing this we have had two or three uncomfortable moments. There was the time when someone from the audience referenced a playboy article and the time when a visitor declared that the point of my sermon was untrue. Overall, however, the experience has been one I wouldn’t trade for the world.

Dennis McCallum at Xenos does this at the end of each of his services and has people lining up at microphones placed around the building to respond. Mark Driscoll does a thing called “Ask Anything” where he allowed popular vote to determine his sermon series. He also allows people to text message questions to him that he will answer on the spot at the conclusion of a service.

I think people have questions and I’m not sure how likely they are to get answers to the questions that we aren’t allowing them to ask.


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    mikescott92 says

    Back in the day I remember Pastors ending messages early and instead of letting people go 10 minutes earlier they would ask for a testimony.. Some of the stuff people used to share is still etched in my mind. This can be dangerous. The great thing about spontaneous moments like that is where things can be real. Sometimes crazy and unpredictable; however I think it allows the Spirit to move in great ways. BTW how did you not crack up when someone used the Playboy reference.?

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    Clint says

    Cracking up wasn’t really the problem.. but i did have to pick my jaw up off of the floor!

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