Pastor As Mentor

When I was 19 My pastor let me preach. Not only did he let me preach but he gave me prime time and an introduction that very well could have been for Billy Graham. His belief in me made a huge impact on my life. When I planted a church I decided that my pulpit would be a place where nervous and untrained men could experience the sacred desk. Over the past three years many of the faithful men in our congregation have preached on a Sunday morning.
A few days ago Ben Arment posted this outstanding paragraph about the pastors role as a mentor. Check out this gut reply that came from a young guy called to ministry.

From the mouth of God.

Ben, as you may know I am a public school teacher trying to transition into full time ministry. I am longing to be mentored like that. I am even applying to the Protégé program with NCC and Mark Batterson. It would require me to liquidate my life and move my family 1500 miles east while also having to raise financial support to live on for at least a year. The funny thing is I think I am actually willing to do that to get the kind of mentorship and experience that I am seeking. BTW I am a member of a church that runs 3500 in worship and 2500 in life groups on Sundays.

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    Right on bro, right there with you on this one!!!

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