Watch What You Say…

“He who guards his mouth and his tongue keeps himself from calamity ” (Pr. 21:23).

A few years ago the Post was doing an article on God-song (read it HERE). In the interview I made some comments about the Christian dance pop group Jump 5. Now, I don’t know the guys from Jump 5, I have never seen them in concert nor have I ever popped in their CD. The only thing I know of them was their reputation in the music industry. The comments I made were flippant and partially unfounded. I nearly forgot about the situation until today I was sorting old emails and came across an email from one of the guys in the group who read the article.

Hey pastor Clifton!
This is Chris from the group Jump5! I wanted to write in reponse to you article in the paper! We started this group about 7 years ago, I being the eldest of the group was 13 when this group started and now I am almost 20. In the beginning this group was very talented but very pure minded to the business! We were pushed around by the record label and yes writing our own songs was something that we all wanted to do and pushed the record label to let us do! But we according to the record label were stupid kids who didn’t know anything! So we recently this summer got new managment and we left the record label and we just put out a Christmas CD in which we wrote 6 songs and we did 3 traditional song! I hope this email will change your mind about the ministry we have been trying to convey to our peers! I am not worried about what the group looks like in this position I am only concerned because there are not many teens out there trying to reach out to people in the way God has given us the oportunity to. We the group are very strong in our faith and know where we stand and we know that God put this group togeher for reasons beyond what we even know! We have been a vessel to hange lives and, God has saved lives through this ministry he started with us. Is it really a concern on who writes the songs? Saving and changing lives and doing what God has called us to do is what we are to do! Thank you so much for reading this email!

Love Christopher Fedun

I would like now to publicly endorse Jump 5. I think think you should buy there CD’s and watch there video’s on you tube.

So a few lessons to be learned:

  • Watch What You Say.
  • There is always more to the story.
  • Don’t do an interview in Wal-mart.


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    amanda long says

    The video got to be too much when the boy started rapping.

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    Jason says

    I think the only think Jump 5 is missing is Clinty Clint Clifton doing flips in the back ground and pointing at the camera while hopping in circles. That video was great.

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    speeriaOpits says

    Thanks for the post

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