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Lunch With Friends

Today I had a great time hanging out with some church planters. Daniel Floyd from lifepoint invited a few guys to lunch today at their new church office. Dave & Aaron Profitt, Jamie Limato & Josh Soto were all there from Alethiea, the Lifepoint staff and Chris Rodenhizer. We talked primarily about Leadership and gained some great insights into the ministries of these churches. I have to say that it is really nice to have a group of planters working in the same area that have such a heart for the church. Everywhere I have been in ministry I have attended ministerial association meetings. They are usually a joke! Meeting with these guys is like meeting with a group of friends. We genuinely like each other and want to see one another’s ministries succeed.

One of the guys who was there, Jeremy Pickwell writes some insightful comments about church planting on his blog.

If I was to just walk into our house and slap some paint on, over time the paint would begin to peel off and look real nasty. So we must sand, and wipe down, and patch holes, sand some more, tape, lay down tarp, prime, maybe prime again, and finally paint…and maybe even paint again. The point is, it took us forever before we were even able to paint. And that sucked. We wanted to just paint. But I think many church planters get in the same boat. They just want to open the doors. They forget that there is a lot of prep work that goes into it. And most of it isn’t fun.

I thought his comments were a must read for every planter. Inevitably, every church plant I have ever participated in has had some vision vultures who have said something like… “Why dont you just get to it” – “You are making this more like a business than a church” – “You are making this harder than it is”. If you are considering planting a church. I would say to you you cannot do enough pre-thought & pre-planning and preparation. It is part of planting a church.

Big take away from today: Daniel Floyd said, “high calaber leaders will rarely buy into the vision of a low quality orginazation.” It made me wonder how many potentially great leaders, or potential church planters have visited pillar once and moved on because nothing they saw or heard communicated our big dreams to them.

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