Speaking of Music

Well since todays post was about songwriting I wanted to take the opportunity to brag on our worship leaders Amanda Long & Keilan Creech. These guys are super talented and are such a big part of our experience with Jesus each Sunday Morning. A few months back they headed to the recording studio to put down one of their songs for our “First time Guests” packet.

Anyway back to the story… Amanda took this 90’s worship tune (Refiners Fire) and worked her magic. Click the player below to give a listen.


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    kevin d. says

    amazing. everytime i hear keilan sing and play, I’m just completely amazed by his talent. I haven’t met Amanda, but she seems to be just as talented – what a beautiful voice.

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    Jonathan Burke says


    you could not have picked a better picture than Sonny and Cher… You have to ask Jason Pelt about “turn back time” by Cher…. I will be laughing about this for a long time…

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