Roadshow? the real Roadshow?

For those of you who read from remote and far away places- please forgive me for this post. There are a few things that I want to emphasis to the “Locals” who are involved in our ministry:

As you know Jen and I are leading a team of 12 to Indonesia in two weeks. We have an absurd amount of money to raise for this trip. People from all over have been extremely generous and thousands of dollars have rolled into my office over the past few weeks. Even with that though we are very behind on our efforts to raise funds for the trip. So… we have decided to pull out all the stops for our final two fund raisers. We hope to make these events unavoidable for you.

1st- We have a yard sale on July 26th from 8am-3pm…. I know, a yard sale!?! – but this is no ordinary yard sale… this is the grand daddy of all yard sales. Whats that you ask? “What makes this the grand daddy of all yard sales?”

  1. We have packed an entire gym full of every imaginable piece of crap on the east coast. The room is a spectacle in itself- from fanny packs to snow ski’s we have it all.
  2. Live music- Some of Washington DC’s most sought after solo performers will be performing live ALL DAY. Acts include: Ben Cartwright (of Bonanza), The artist formally known as BOBBY-O and much much more.
  3. And the show stopper– what you will not find at any other yard sale on planet earth… “The Antique Road Show” – The Road Show will be available between the hours of 10am-12pm. After you buy your “Item of Value” you can immediately (for a small fee) have your item assessed by a member of the Antique Road Show. Your segment of the road show film will be posted to You Tube for the world to see.

2nd- ahhh… wouldn’t you like to know…. (to be continued)


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    Becky Porter says

    August 26 or July 26 ?? Wish you had some of this southeast United States “crap” at my house to sell. This sounds like a fantastic idea. We wish you the best with it.

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    Jonathan Burke says

    Why would you put that picture from your college days up there… Nice red hat and suspenders…

  3. Reply
    clintclifton says

    actually Jonathan that is me in the future…. Mrs Becky, thanks for letting me know… i made the correction.

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