A Trip Through The Motherland

We left Monday and headed through to Tennessee to see some family . We wanted to make the trip before our big project in Indonesia that starts next Monday. We visited some of our very southern relatives and had an great time. Because we are “city folk” our kids have missed out on the opportunity to have the valued redneck experiences that most southern children take for granted. Here are a few things we go to do that remind us of our roots.

  • The kids went for a ride on the lawn tractor with uncle Doug, no particular destination, not cutting any grass, just a ride.
  • Uncle Doug traded some work on the “Little Debbie” building in town for 16 boxes of sweet treats that he sent home with us.
  • Went out on the fishing boat, not to fish, but to scout out “fishin’ wholes” for the next time we want to fish. We also took the opportunity to see how fast we could get the boat to go. 58 mph was our top speed.
  • We played the popular southern game, “lets see how far away I can get from the Styrofoam deer and still hit it in the nose with my bow and arrow” 50 yards was the greatest distance.
  • We also went to Scottsbo, AL’s own “Unclaimed Baggage Center” We scored some sweet souvenirs.

The two best things about the trip was that we got to see our family, amazing, Godly, Loving, Faithful people. We also got a chance to visit with our College Friends, Brian & Kim Metz. They are living in Huntsville , Al and serving in a student ministry at Hope Church. We met one night for dinner and spent a few hours catching up. It felt like we were back in college for the night. The two pictures provided are 1) Noah on the tractor with “Uncle Doug” and Brian Metz, giving his best pastor pose.


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    Becky Porter says

    If I had read this yesterday I would not have had any idea what the “Unclaimed Baggage Center” was in Alabama. But last night I saw a program on TV about this place….unreal. Everything in the store is “stuff” that was suppose to go somewhere on an airplane but didn’t, for whatever reason. They had everything from cell phones to exercise equipment. How…what…why….are you kidding??? Who flies with their stairstepper?? Did you make some awesome purchases, Clint?

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    karen says

    this is a reply from Aunt Cris:

    You can joke about rednecks all you want, but you come from the heart of redneck country–PUTNAM county where they drive huge trucks with tires as big as front doors.

    Only the select chosen get to live in God’s country. The rest are sent elsewhere.

    Uncle Doug says, “I know the toothbrush wasn’t invented in Florida.”

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    Michael says

    One of the first things I noticed in the pic of Brian was the big Chevy parked behind him. Looks like the perfect setting for the Metz’s!

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