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Watch Joel Osteen’s 60 Minutes Interview

I only have a few things to say about this:

  1. I think Joel is Authentic – I think he really believes that what he is doing is right.
  2. I think he has no confidence in the power of the Gospel to change lives.
  3. I think Christians should pray that God would show up in Joel’s study one week.


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    Becky Porter says

    I totally agree with you. It grieves me to see his “happy” books in Christian book stores. Apart from Jesus there is no “happy”…just an everending pursuit of more and more stuff to fill that God shaped vaccuum in your heart.

    You don’t have to post this but if you’ll search for Unity North Atlanta you can read about the “happy” church my sister attends. Anything goes there, just come and be happy with the rest of us as we take whatever path to the One Presence.
    Sad, sad, sad…… I’m anxious to hear how the yard sale went. I know there is a little money at church for you and Bro. D. will be getting back from Daytona tomorrow so I’m sure he’ll get it off in a day or so.

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    Michael says

    Concerning #3, what would that look like if he actually read Scripture one week and God revealed something to him right there in that moment?! That might be the first time that Osteen is ever recorded as saying the words “uh” and “um”.

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    Becky Porter says

    Excuse me…I didn’t mean everending…I meant neverending pursuit of……

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    Jonathan Burke says

    He kind of looks like a much older, more weathered Colby Garman in that video…

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