The Long Shots!

I have had a lot of questions about how the Yard Sale/Antique Road Show went from my previous post… The event was great and we raised $4,445.00 in an eight hour day. The Antique Road Show was a big hit and the videos will be uploaded and posted to this blog just after our trip. Thanks to all of those who contributed your stuff and for those who came and bought. We have a total of around $36,000 to raise for this project and are getting very close to having the total amount (good thing since the trip is Monday)

I promised in THIS POST that I would tell you about a second fund raiser… this one is cool. We are doing a 3 on 3 basketball tournament with grudge matches. The event is this Saturday in Stafford VA. You can sign up for the event HERE.

Over the past several weeks teams have been signing up for the tournament and today a girls team registered. I love the team name… “The Long Shots” (one of the team members is last named Long). Hopefully this will bring in the last of the needed money for our trip to Indonesia.


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    Becky Porter says

    Nearly $4500…that is great !! You had some serious stuff to raise that kind of money in 8 hours. I’m praying your basketball tournament will go just as well and even better. I’ll be anxious to hear !!!

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    amanda long says

    Spelling correction: Long Shaw-ts.

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