Bound for the Bush

Jennifer and I are packing and driving to Florida today after church. We have to pass our children to their grandparents so that we can jump a plane to Bali for our adventure there. While we are gone a series of posts will publish each morning. Each post will honor one man or woman that believed in me at a pivotal time in my history. Some of them took small chances on me and others took much larger ones but they all took a chance. Interestingly enough these are also the men and women who have been most influential in my life. They have shaped the way I father, husband, preach and pray. The list is in chronological order and the list will likely continue to expand as God prolongs my life. I hope you enjoy learning about these people as much as I enjoy bragging about them. I plan to tell a short story about each of them and mention the one major contribution they have made to my existence.


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    Jason says

    I guess your not going to Crawford, Texas?

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    Becky Porter says

    God bless you and Jennifer as you depart for the bush. All of you, including kids and grandparents, are in our prayers. Can’t wait to read your posts each day. Could Bro. D and Gwen possibly be in that group???? They would be in mine.

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