He Who Sees – Hovey Creech

Hovey is a small man, a drycleaner by trade. He is the manager at “Rip’s”, an excellent choice for getting your trousers pressed in North Florida. I begged Mr. Creech for a job when I was a boy and he gave one though I wasn’t really qualified. I watched him do his thing for more than three years as I worked behind the scenes mopping the floor and tidying the store. He employed some of the most Palatka Florida’s most colorful people; not-so-punctual pressers, cursing counter help and bad-mannered baggers – enough to drive any boss to a career change.
Mr. Hovey was the first one to the store each day, and the last one to leave. He cleaned the mechanic’s Dickies with the same care as mayors suit, removing stains from each one by hand.

He is generous, serves his local church, he loves his family and he reminds me that spectacular success comes in all shapes and sizes.

Mr. Hovey taught me the value of hard work and serving those who serve you. I have never felt so appreciated I worked for the great Hovey.


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    Ms. Pat says

    OK you having me crying I hope you’re happy!!! Really, Clint, you are a very special young man that God saw fit to “get ahold of”. We talk of you so often. We have been blessed to have you in our lives. Keep on doing what you hear Him say, even when others just can’t believe it can happen. Just look where you and Jen are right now–the other side of the world!! We love you. And remember we knew you when!!

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