He Who Sees – Dannie Williams

Dannie was the pastor of the church that God used to brand Gospel onto my heart. I respected him from a distance as I attended the church but didn’t really get to know him until the unfortunate circumstances mentioned in the previous post.

Bro. Dannie (as I affectionately refer to him) visited me a few days after James’ collapse and told me that God was good even when Gods people were or not. Bro. Dannie began to take a much more proactive approach to our friendship and my discipleship. My last few years of High School we met weekly for pre-dawn, prayer and encouragement. During those meetings he successfully passed his love for the church and the gospel to me like a piping hot basket of chicken wings.

More than a decade later he is still my most trusted advisor and zealous supporter. Brother Dannie (and his wife Gwen) have taught me the profound difference that can be made in one’s life through simple and consistent encouragement.


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    Becky Porter says

    AMEN…Clint, sitting under Bro. Dannie’s teaching and preaching for the last nearly 6 years he has also passed that piping hot basket of chicken wings to me and many others here at LFBC. We are SO blessed to have Bro. D and Gwen here. I have often wondered what we did here at LFBC to deserve him and Gwen…..we did nothing to deserve them, God just knew we needed them.

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