She Who Sees – Jennifer Clifton

Jennifer’s charm and character made her an unlikely match for me, nevertheless, as children we befriended, later dated and eventually married. I have known Jennifer for approximately the same amount of time that I have been able to tie my shoes yet she is new to me every day. She has that rare magic that some women have that makes ever man feel like a king just by being around her. Every moment of mature love I have ever experienced has held Jennifer as the object.

Under the heading of, “people who believed in me” Jennifer by far, takes the prize. She takes the prize because she has loved and supported me so consistently and because she has the most reason to discontinue her belief in me.

Since we began dating almost fifteen years ago Jennifer has watched me fail or abandon countless projects, jobs and ministries. She has been there when my zeal for an idea caused me to sacrifice everything to chase it and she has been there when I have wept over my inability to apprehend it.
Just in the eight years of our marriage I have earnestly sought so many dreams that I can’t even keep track of them. In all of this, I have never once shared a dream with Jennifer that she shot down.

Just to give you an idea of how deep the insanity runs notice the following projects that I have seriously pursued over the past few years:

• About a year ago I was seated in an US Army recruiters office, on my own initiative, discussing my options for enlisting.
• I had a phone conference with the admissions counselor at the Texas School for Hot Air Ballooning.
• I seriously considered buying an Ice Cream truck.
• I am writing a book – that may never be printed.
• I started recording an album two years ago that may never be printed.
• We’ve talked at length about moving to Greenland.

I have decided to limit this list to six items to preserve any respect you may still have for me. Please, though, hear what I am saying: There is no one on the planet who has given me the courage or influenced me more than Jennifer.


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    Becky Porter says

    What a blessing God has sent you in Jennifer. She is truly a precious gift. It says a lot for you, Clint, that you realize that. I am praying for y’all and the 2 sets of children back home. I saw on Noah’s blog that the party was going to begin !!

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    Annie Garman says

    I don’t believe the Hot Air Balloon school one…however, if you come to Greenland that would almost qualify for pop-in proximity…I’m just sayin…

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    clintclifton says

    Believe it Annie… Maybe we could pop in with our hot air balloon.

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    pascott82 says

    I like the Ice Cream Truck idea

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