Back in the Saddle

For those of you who pay me the honor of visiting this site on a regular basis please accept my apology for being absent for so long. Getting back into the grove has been tougher than expected. The trip to Indonesia was amazing and I will be posting more about it in the days to come.

A few people have mentioned to me an article that the post did on church short term mission trips. I encourage you to give the article a read and comment your thoughts. You can find it HERE.

Below is a short film we put together from our trip. The quality is low but you should get the idea.


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    becky castle says

    love it! that last part was a lil scary though…. lol jk but the video was sweet!!

  2. Reply
    Kristen says

    God is good.
    thanks for putting that together. i was glad to get a glimpse of your time there. more than makes up for the blogging absence for me!

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    Michael Rogers says

    So glad you guys are back, thanks for throwing the video up! Very exciting visual, and such a perfect song for that. That last part was hilarious!

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