I Agree With God

It is rare that I so passionately experience the teaching of God. THIS VERSE has been ever with me this week as Jennifer is attending her beloved grandmothers funeral in TN. Here are a few things Jennifer does to make my life pleasant that I rarely acknowledge.

  • She picks up my junk.
  • She takes care of the kids while I drive.
  • She cooks food.
  • She talks about things other than snacks and cartoons.
  • She never needs help in the bathroom.

I await your return my love.


  1. Reply
    Rebecca Wire says

    This was sweet and made me laugh. I hope the lasagna helps a bit. 🙂

  2. Reply
    clintclifton says

    The lasagna is in the oven as we speak! Thanks.

  3. Reply
    dave says

    What happens if/when she can’t perform all of those things?

  4. Reply
    clintclifton says

    What will happen to my love? It will march… It will march on like the Macy’s thanksgiving day parade in a snowstorm! For that is what love does…

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