My Shiny New Church

We have been changing a lot of things at pillar over the past few weeks… Here are a few of the changes that we have made.

  1. We are revamping children’s ministry – My lovely wife has a boatload of plans for the children’s ministry and she has been unfolding those over the past several weeks. HERE are some of the changes she is making.

  2. We hired a new Associate Pastor, Bryan is focusing on student ministry but also helping our church plants establish student ministries that are effective.
  3. We brought on a ministry assistant, bobby. Bobby is a 19 year old guy that God has called to plant a church. He is going to work with us as he finishes school then head out to plant a church.
  4. We remodeled our offices in our sponsoring church and made room for Bryan and Bobby.
  5. Keilan, who has been serving as a ministry assistant and co-worship leader for the past year moved to Richmond to work with Alethiea.
  6. We revamped our weekly creative planning meeting.
  7. Planned a Christmas Bonfire in our community. We are doing it a the “Old Mine Ranch” a ranch just outside of our community.
  8. We are re-ordering our worship service, placing most of the music and the Lord’s Supper at the end of the service. We are also bringing children above 2 back into with their parents to blend torward a family integrated service.
  9. Giving our church a Christmas list… for the churhch. Encouraging them to consider praying for or providing some items the church is in need of. See it HERE


  1. Reply
    becky castle says

    so is the pic a possible new logo for pillar?

  2. Reply
    clintclifton says

    no… just a pic we use sometimes for our graphics… now i’m thinking we need a new one… thanks Becky!

  3. Reply
    Kristen says

    for the graphics, especially the trailer, I would suggest talking to this guy if you haven’t already. he attends SBC and i was talking to him about doing some graphics work for him (but with the transition to school i’ve had to put that on hold for now). i believe he’s doing some work for Pastor too. you can ask my dad if you want to know more. he’s starting up a vehicle wrap business, which sounds like exactly what you need for your trailer. this might come back to haunt me, but you could always give it a shot…

    Tim Kelly
    The Woodwright Co.

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