Sometimes I forget (I'm Not a Jew)

Teaching the book of 3rd John this week and was mesmorized to really get to the bottom of what it’s about…Discipleship. So there’s this guy Ray Van Der Lann, he’s smart, in fact his teachings are often credited to other, younger, trendier types that present his research as their own. So he talks about discipleship in a Jewish contest like THIS

So…The word DISCIPLE means “learner” and is a Jewish idea that involves two aspects of learning. #1) learning (often memorizing) Jewish teaching  (Torah, Prophets, and Talmud) #2) living closely with your Rabbi not only seeking to know what he knows but seeking to do what he does.

In contrast, a western learner is encouraged only to know what his teacher knows and not to do what they do. We are called to make Disciples (Mt. 28:19-20). This means that our commitment to those we teach and lead will be much more consuming than it would be if we were simply conveying information to them. It stirs two questions in me…

  1. In the people that I “disciple” am I seeking to give them information or to produce transformation?
  2. Is my walk with Christ worth reproducing?

So if Jesus wants me to make disciples and I dont know what that is (because we don’t do that in my culture) than it becomes nessary for me to learn jesus’ culture to really get a grip on what he want’s me to do.


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    Phillip says

    Right on Pastor. I know that I would consider myself a disciple of yours. There has been knowledge that you have imparted to me and a certain life style of living by faith. Thank you for that tangable example. While going through our discipleship class, I kept thinking about you and how, in my opinion, you model true discipleship.

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