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Related to my previous post I have learned two things… #1 – this is old news that I Just learned of… sorry for being so out of touch. #2 – About half of the christian community that I hang with has no idea who Ray Boltz is! Wow…. anyway.

I was surfing through the websites of the Gay, Lesbian & Transgender chruches (one just up the street from me) and realized that they have a pretty aggressive church planting plan. I also noticed that their theological stances are frighteningly similar to ours.

They are running a campain called “Would Jesus Descriminate?”: So… for all of us who don’t believe we should be endorsing the GLT lifestyle and church planting among the GLT community. I think we should answer the question. So… comments open, Would Jesus Descriminate against the GLT community?


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    Becky Porter says

    This may be old news but I just read it last week in a news item that I receive from a Christian conservative news source. I listen to Christian radio and haven’t heard a word about it. Maybe it is a story that has just been for the most part irgnored or under reported. As far as if Jesus would discriminate against GLT community….Jesus loves everyone the same, died for all and desires to be with everyone throughout eternity but the Bible calls this sin. GLT people can turn from this just as others have, repent, ask God to forgive them and live the life God intended them to live. The same could be asked..”Does God discriminate against murderers, adulterers, child abusers, etc..” God loves them all, not their sin and the consequence for that sin is the same as the consequence for GLT sin. If God didn’t call GLT behavior sin (as it is called in the Bible) then maybe he is discriminating against the murderers, adulterers and such. When the church quits calling sin sin then the church is dead.

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    Bobby O says

    It is hard for me to say that he doesn’t.

    These people are enemies of God. God has handed them over to their flesh. Jesus died for the elect. That in itself seems a sort of predestinational-discrimination.

    I think also, we should define the word “discriminate.” If it is rejection based on a certain characteristic or attribute, then I think that it is obvious that God would discriminate. Hence: Judgement.

    I don’t know, man. Maybe my definition is whack. I agree God is loving, no, IS love. And I think most Christians have wrestled with the whole “how can a loving god send people to hell?” question. But something in me says that God, being just, must have a standard of living, and must punish those who are sub-par (not saying that doing only the bare minimum is acceptable. But that is another topic.)

    And I’ve only heard of Ray Bolts. Usually in the butt of jokes.

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    Heath Houston says

    Me and th other pastor here talked about that this morning. We believe that Jesus would have treated a GLT with the same grace and mercy he would an adulterer, thief, murderer etc. We as the church should do the same. The gospel has the power to sanctify the most wretched of sinners even you and me. We don’t believe we should ever stop speaking the truth about sin including the sin of homosexuality, but we are not allowed by the scriptures to choose who we minister to. We must get past our cultural uneasiness with GLT people enough so that we can enter into relationships with them in order to share the gospel and do our best to lead them into repentance.

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    Joel says

    Wow-should we discriminate agains gay people? The question is “who’s the judge of those people?” If you continue reading down the list in Romans 1 it goes on to mention several other sins that are worthy of condemnation. “Disobedient to parents…” James Dobson and all those guys tend to be a little soft on disobedient children-they want to work with them. What do you tell a parent of a rebelious teen-“throw him away he sucks, and God hates him!!!” I can decide what is right and wrong because of God’s word. I’m not going to punish those people who do it. Yes I’ll correct the brethren all day-that’s not judgement it’s love.
    Jesus was called a friend to sinners! I want to be like Jesus. If indeed double predestination is true, I don’t think it’s our business honestly. Based on the scripture, the great commission is our business.

    How dare WE discriminate?

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    Joel says

    Wow, I answered “should the Church discriminate?” NO the church should not discriminate against those outside. We should correct the saints or saints so called.

    Does Jesus discriminate? If your a dbl predestination Calvinist (which you sort of have to be if your a Calvinist)yes He does. God sets the pieces up on the board and calls one group damned and the other group just. The act that Jesus put on over the Jews and stuff was just an act-He didn’t care, really.

    “Every man and woman has to step over a bloody cross in order to get to hell.”-Dr. Daniel Akin.

    I agree with Danny. God discriminates based on what people do with the cross. And, by the way, that doesn’t take anything away from God!

    There I said it now we can’t be friends anymore-haha!

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    mikescott92 says

    Jesus wouldn’t discriminate but he also wouldn’t tolerate either. As Christians we have to love unconditionally which is a hard thing to do. Especially if you don’t agree with something as the homosexual lifestyle. Jesus died so that all could be saved. Including murderers, whores, thieves, lawyers, and everyone else. It doesn’t mean that all will be saved. The hardest part for us to do is get past somebody’s lifestyle and love them unconditionally. The word DISCRIMINATE has a broad meaning though. This could be taken in to a whole other topic.

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