Our Home is for rent!

A few years ago Jennifer and I built our first home. It was a great process. We found a builder, picked a lot, chose a floor plan and picked every feature in the house. The whole experience from start to finish was outstanding. The only catch was… the house was an hour away from our church. We got into the whole thing as an investment hoping that we could live in it for a few years, gain some equity and turn our earnings into a downpayment on some shack up north. The plan worked with the tiny exception that the housing market took a nose dive. So… instead of selling we rented. Everything was going smooth until yesterday when our renter called to tell us that she was moving out and breaking her 3 year lease only 5 months into it! So plan B is in full effect and we are looking for a renter. Here are a few pics of the place and a link to the website we have set up for our beloved pondorosa.


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    Phillip says

    Pastor, I am suprised that you have allowed your associate pastor to go so long with out posting a blog. And your church planting apprentace as well? After all that Bryan brought against you in the Court of PeltLaw!

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