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A week in Pic's

Monday was boring… Tuesday I went to 10 fold our student ministry meeting… it was sweet. I took Noah with me, we rode the motorcycle -making any trip twice as good. There were 26 people crammed into a living room. Bryan, our student pastor did a great job with Acts 6-7 and one of the guys (Bobby O) told about how Jesus saved him.

We have this great family in our church (Alex and Kate) who offer up there home every Tuesday night for the 10 Fold Meetings. They provide food and a place for God to work in the hearts of teenagers.

Usually there is a good crew of people from Stafford who come to support Bryan and help the group get started but the group is becoming more and more teens from the community surrounding our church. The picture is of a everyone’s shoes stacked in the foyer. Please pray for Bryan as they point teens to Jesus each week.

The next night we headed to our foster care training for Prince William county. We have been going to this every Wednesday for the past month. God is using this class to open our eyes to all of the horrendous things that happen to children in our community. Jennifer and I are considering fostering children in the future and this class is helping us become prepared for some of the realities we will face when we bring hurting kids into our home.

There is a lot of paperwork we have to fill out for the class. One of the things we had to do was have our fingerprints done. The teacher told us that we could have it done at a local police station for a few dollars each or we could do it ourselves. In an effort to save a few bucks I decided I could fingerprint myself. I went downstairs and grabbed one of Jennifer’s scrap booking stamp pads and went to town. Three days later my hands are still stained.

Thursday I prayed with the pastors from Image church in the morning then headed up to CPN (church planter network) this is where all the SBC church planters from Northern Virginia get together for prayer and encouragement. The picture is of Chris Rhodenhizers‘ faux hawk.

That night we headed to the ACTS homeless shelter in our town to serve a meals to some families that are going through a tought time. This shelter is really doing a great job to help families in need. The picture to the left is of one of our deacons and his wife talking to the director of the shelter. The place only has 17 beds and it has a waiting list 150 deep. They provide a 28 day stay, job training, clothes, haircuts, the whole nine yards. We were shocked by the way the bad economy is effecting our community.

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