A Meeting of the Marks

So today I took 14 friends to a lunch meeting with Dr. Mark Dever. Dr. Dever is one of the most influential pastor/theologians of our day. A few weeks ago we contacted his office to see if he would consider having lunch with us. He quickly accepted and so today we met up with him. Here is a little run down on this day that I will not soon forget.

  • When we arrived his assistant took us over to his house… (about 20 steps from the back door of the church) into his back door, up a long staircase and into his study. His study was lined with thousands of books 9/10’s of which haven’t been in print for a very long time.
  • He had 6 intern’s in the room that were discussing what Dever called, “Bad Books” – his interns were to read the books this past week and advocate the position of the author. Then they took the last few minutes to share their actual opinions. It was a great discussion.
  • Next it was lunch at Fudruckers for two hours of discussion. We submitted THESE QUESTIONS to him for discussion. Here are a few of my favorite of Dever’s quotes from the day:
  • “When I say Biblical… I mean Calvinistic”
  • “If unmarried men can’t be elders than that means that Jesus and Paul are disqualified… thats a problem.”
  • “Everyone’s talking about their churches transforming there city’s with the gospel… thats never gunna happen. We are fallen, the city is full of fallen people. Your church shouldnt worry about transforming your city, rather worry about planting/pastoring a healthy church and leave the city up to God.”
  • “We (CHBC) worry about the input… not the output” (input – the quality of what we do before God, output – the results)

Next we headed to the DC Mission house for debriefing… good times. The SBCV rents a house in the city for the spreading of the gospel there.

Next we went to Ebeneezer coffee house to spend the a few hours with Mark Batterson. These guys minister 5 blocks from one another and they couldn’t be more opposite. HERE are the questions we asked Mark Batterson.

The Following Guys Went With Me Today:

Naethan Hendrix, Chris Childres, Chris Rhodenhizer, Danfi Parker, Colby Garman, Bryan Scott, Jonathan Davis, Bobby O, Ben Cartwright, Josh Soto, Keilan Creech, Dave Fauth & Jamie Limato.


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    kevin dowker says

    I’m sorry I missed this. I can’t wait to hear or read the answers to the intentional questions.

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