Paint the Fence, Wax the Floor, go to Iceland.

There are those moments in life where all the dot’s don’t quite connect, like a few years ago, when God tells our church to go to Iceland… Like good slaves, we do as our master requests… no questions asked (at least out loud).

I have to say though, was feeling a little like the Karate Kid?… paint the fence, sand the floor, wax on, wax off? Why am I doing all of this? What is the point? Iceland seems so random… so obscure, so icy!

Last night I had a “Daniel Son” moment: (please forgive the bad language… don’t act so spiritual, you know you’ve seen the movie)

So my “Daniel Son” moment was when I read THIS ARTICLE.

After ministering in Iceland for three years, praying thousands of prayers for the Icelandic people and standing at the threshold of sending our first full time missionaries to the field. I get the since that God is up to something we couldn’t have dreamed.

Man I love following Jesus!

The pic is from Colby & Annie’s Commissioning for Iceland!


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    Rebecca Wire says

    A quote from the article:

    “We will return to old values by focusing on things which create real value.”

    Oh, let it be so, Jesus. Let it be so!

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    Becky Porter says

    Only God could have perfected the timing of Colby and Annie going to Iceland at this time to take the HOPE of the world to a group of people who must be frantically seeking hope. Utterly and absolutely amazing how God works.

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