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Group Life

Our Church leaders have been working for quite some time now to put the final touches on our new members class. The series starts this week and we will take the entire church through it first. After that the class will be offered in three one hour sessions at the home of a member. Next week I will post a PDF copy of the finished product for everyone to critique but for now, until editing is finished, the cover art will have to do.

Week One:

1.    What does it mean to be a Christian?
2.    What is membership and why is it important?
3.    How is Pillar governed?
4.    What is the history of Pillar?

Week Two:

5.    What is Pillar’s Purpose and strategy?
6.    What does Pillar’s Future look like?
7.    What affiliations and partnerships does Pillar have?
8.    What are the essential beliefs at Pillar?

Week Three:

9.    What are Life Groups?
10.    How can I use my gifts to serve Christ at Pillar?
11.    What will you expect of me if I become a member?
12.    Can I tell you a little about myself?

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