Story from the feild

As I mentioned in a previous post I am in Memphis stratagizing with some missionaries from the Pacific Rim about our upcoming work in Bali. Today a missionary to Myanmar (aka Burma) told me the following story. The story reminded me the reality of Satan’s activity against God’s elect.

I was working in a remote village that had hundreds of families. In this paticular village there were three Christian families. Each family owned one cow that they would allow to graze during the day and bring in during the night to protect them from tigers and other preditors. One evening the three families were together worshiping after sundown. The family who was hosting that night forgot to bring in the cow. They heard a loud comotion outside and the three men grabbed their flintlock guns and flashlights before heading out to see what was going on. They followed the noise through narrow paths in the jungle to find a tiger was feasting on the carcus of the family cow. The three men fired at the tiger peircing the beast with three bullets just before he escaped into the brush. The men follwed the blood trail through the woods and eventually back into the village. The blood trail weaved in and out of the village eventually stopping at the door of the local witch doctor. The men returned home and told the story to the missionary (the one I met today). The next morning they awoke to learn that the entire village was in an up roar over the murder of the villages spiritual leader found dead in his home of three bullet wounds.

My Bible tells me that Satan and demons are real and active but my culture and observations tell me that they are not. Who should I believe?


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    aletheiaodu says

    They are real. Trust me I experienced them in Togo West Africa.

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