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My New Career as a Itinerate Preacher

I rarely take the opportunity to preach outside of our group of churches but this weekend I preached at Image Church. Image is lead by Chris Rhodenhizer, a Northern Virginia native and a second generation clergyman.  A few months ago Image Church made a 20 mile migration south to occupy a warehouse about a mile from where Pillar meets. Image is a pretty unique congregation with just above 200 in attendance. The Christians at Image were impressive, genuinely friendly and very dedicated to pleasing Christ. They asked me to share with them about church planting because they are in the midst of a series called, “It’s Not An Option” (the great commission.) I shared some of the things that compel me to lead our church to be so aggressive about starting new churches. The day was great and I am elated to have another church preaching Jesus in our community!

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