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I am starting a new series this Sunday called, “All Authority” Jesus claimed to have all authority in heaven and earth, Paul tells us to submit to our authorities. When we work and speak for Christ we do so in His authority. It seems we spend our entire lives under the authority of others and much of our lives as authorities over others.

God gives us authority not to suppress us but to protect us. Like someone escaping a storm under the shelter of their home (hence the roof in the above image), the authority we are placed under serve as a protection from the Satan. We are going to talk about layers of authority starting with parental authority and working our way up to the Authority of God over all he has made. It’s gunna be fun!


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    Jamie Limato says

    I know you aren’t a huge fan of Ed Young…but in his series: Authority Issues- Ed talks about this in a compelling way. I heard him make this statement a thousand times but when I hear someone talk about this issue I tell them this: “We have to get under the stuff that God has put OVER us so we can get OVER the stuff that GOD has put under us.” until we get under his authority we can never lead those around us.
    blessings my friend!

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