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From the mind of our ultra creative worship leader, Amanda Long, comes our another venture into the unknown. This year Pillar will be holding a Christmas bonfire at a local Ranch. The event is complete with farm animals, coffee and hot chocolate, live music and of course… a big fire. The night will give me a platform to tell those who attend about the incarnation of Jesus.

Check out christmasbonfire.com

A note of rationale:

I don’t believe Christ is honored when we use attraction as bait for the Gospel. Let me give you an example… I know of a church who’s name happens to be the same name as a popular automobile. Lets call this church, Accord Community Church. Each year in order to attract thousands to their services they advertise that they will give away a Honda Accord. There church swarms with the needy and the greedy hoping that the God of this church will have favor on them and deliver a shiny new ride. Each year thousands leave convinced that the God of Accord Community Church has once again forgotten them. While one person leaves thoroughly convinced that God has shown special favor on them.

I believe the Gospel is the power of God for salvation and must be the only product we peddle. I do however believe that being a gospel witness in our community is vital therefore I want our church to involve itself in the community that surrounds us. We have decided to offer free events to our community and to use those gatherings to proclaim the Gospel to those who attend. I want to use the opportunities that exist to tell people who listen that Jesus awesome and that God is trustworthy.

I encourage you to share your thoughts about attractional ministry and take a stab at rather you believe the church has any business holding community events.

Here are a few standards we use that help us to stay balanced.

  • We don’t charge for the events.
  • We verbally preach the Gospel to everyone in attendance.
  • We give Bibles to every family that attends.
  • We collect contact information and respond to those who indicate spiritual needs.


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    chrisrhodenhizer says

    I agree 100% with every word of this… you are turning the attractional into missional, rather than acting missional and just being attractional. Man, that is a good quote, I’m putting that in my book!!! HA!

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    Phillip says

    “Accord Community Curch” uses a gimmick to bait the gospel. Winning that car only benifits one person, one couple, or one family. This would, in my opinion, down play the gospel and give it missrepresentation. On the other side when there is a attractional ministry like a bonfire were everyone gets to enjoy the warmth of the fire and the tastiness of the hot chocolate, everyone has the opportunity to benefit equally. The gospel is not over shadowed. God is correctly represented. This could go a long way in preparing the heart of one person to hear the gospel. If just one person says something like ‘why would they do this?’ then they are ready for an answer. That answer is the gospel. They get to hear it and see it. This is hard to accomplish with door to door evangelism. It would be awesome that if at every door we knocked on we were invited in to share the gospel. Instead people don’t answer the door or say that they are not interested. But at the same time that person might come for free hot chocolate and get to hear the gospel. And though they may not come to Christ at that event, they saw the gospel and they heard the gospel. Jesus ministered to the masses, but never did so by creating a side show. He was the main event and nothing shared the stage with him. So when done correctly attractional ministry have their place as one of several tools to share the gospel.

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    Colby says

    It all depends on whether there is a Santa Clause or not. I need to know that. Then I’ll give my opinion.

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