Ode to My First Born

dsc_4348Seven years ago my life took a drastic turn for the better with the birth of Noah McKade. The morning of his birthday (Saturday) he woke me up by tapping on my shoulder and asking, “Dad… its my birthday, do you have anything to say to me?” I told Noah what he wanted to hear, “Happy Birthday son”… But here are seven other things about Sir Noah that I want to say.

  1. He is the perfect forgery of his mother – No wonder I am so happy to love him.
  2. He is loyal – Naturally God has given Noah a loyal heart that pipes up in a time of need. He is quick to return to the familiar when things get scary.
  3. He is smart – Have you ever seen Forrest Gump?… when he was born I asked Jennifer, “Is he smart or is he… like me?”
  4. He is joyful – He’s a really happy kid… God has given him passion that overflows.
  5. He is Brave – Even now he is facing his fears instead of running from them.
  6. He follows – even at his young age I am proud of his belief in God and his love for Jesus.
  7. He is a fighter – Noah doesn’t give up, he gets creative, he asks questions in new ways, he looks for new opportunities but he rarely gives up.


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    Jon D. says

    Noah is a great kid and you should be proud of such a fine and admirable young lad!!

    Go Green Knight!!

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